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A Primer on Build-to-Print Manufacturing

In the world of custom machine fabrication, there are generally two types of contract manufacturing – Build-to-Print and Design and Spec. The one that we are going to cover here is Build-to-Print.

What is Build-to-Print Manufacturing?

Build-to-Print refers to a type of contract manufacturing where products are built to the client’s exact specifications. The customer or client provides detailed equipment plans with specifications drawn down to the millimeter. A list of necessary materials will also be laid out, along with any other requirements that the customer may have.

This type of contract manufacturing differs from Design-and-Spec because there are already plans for the builder to follow.

What are the advantages of Build-to-Print manufacturing?

Build-to-Print manufacturing best serves customers who already have a design and are ready to go. Because there’s a plan already in place, this type of contract manufacturing tends to be more accurate and efficient than others.

Also, the customer maintains complete control of the intellectual property rights associated with the design. They have the flexibility to select the appropriate suppliers for the production of the parts.

What are the main applications of Build-to-Print manufacturing?

Most build-to-print manufacturers can produce replacement parts for assembly lines or large machines. For example, if a machine breaks down, a build-to-print manufacturer can swiftly provide a replacement part, preventing delays. The most common products made through this type of manufacturing are components or features of a larger piece of equipment or system.

Other suppliers will often offer rapid prototypes as well or reverse engineering services. They usually have CAD capabilities as well for 2D and 3D solid modeling. Overall, this is a much more streamlined manufacturing process for customers with detailed plans and know what they need to fulfill those plans.

Looking for a build-to-print manufacturer?

West Engineering has a century of experience in manufacturing custom machinery and components. Our fully-equipped engineering and manufacturing company can quickly and affordably turn your plans into products. We work hard to be flexible and accommodate our customers’ needs while maintaining responsive communication throughout the building process.

If you have plans for a product and want someone to bring them to reality, then contact West Engineering at (804) 798-3966 or visit our website.