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What to look for in a custom machine builder

There are a lot of tips out there for how to find a good custom equipment builder. Much of the advice tends to center around finding an experienced and flexible manufacturing partner, looking at their qualifications and quality control systems. You always want to make sure that the builder’s expertise is in line with the technology that you want built, as well as the services you need. 

However, there is one thing that these important suggestions don’t always cover–your design. 

Fit, Form, and Function–the importance of design

When you’re planning the design for the equipment that you want, it’s important to share that design with the builder that you are considering partnering with. An experienced custom machine builder will go over your design with you and work through that design to find possible flaws or unnecessary characteristics that will impact the build later on. Spend time talking with your potential partner to get feedback on your design and how it can be improved. 

From paper to the real thing

While a design might seem good on paper, a drawing, no matter how detailed, is far different from building the actual machine. A good custom machine builder will be able to tell what aspects will translate well into reality and what will likely not work out as well as you thought. The first challenge is drawing the machine–building it is an entirely different challenge. 

When you’re not sure–ask

When it comes to looking for a custom machine builder, the most important thing you can do is talk with them and listen to their feedback. While you can learn a lot about a potential partner from their website or other informational materials that they have, talking with them and asking questions about their process, their quality controls, and their feedback on your design.

Looking for a custom machine builder for your next project?

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