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Custom Fiber Optic Equipment West Engineering manufactures durable custom fiber optic equipment

When you work with West Engineering,
you’ll experience:

  • Flexibility: We are able to manufacture equipment for nearly any cable type.
  • Expertise: As technology has evolved, we’ve remained on the forefront of both technology and technique.
  • Exact fit: Every piece of fiber optic equipment we fabricate is engineered and manufactured for a perfect production-ready fit upon arrival.

Fiber Optic Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing

West Engineering offers expert assistance in all aspects of fiber optic equipment engineering and manufacturing. We can help you analyze your production needs and develop custom equipment to maintain efficient and profitable operations. From fabrication to testing and installation to continued maintenance, we have capabilities working with:

  • Small or large diameter pay-off lines
  • Shaft type or traversing reel type pay-offs
  • Single or multi-fiber assemblies
  • Corrugator assemblies
  • Guide roller assemblies

Because all of our equipment is completely custom, we have devised and implemented a wide range of available features, including:

  • Adjustable spiders
  • Pneumatic air brakes
  • Elevated turntables
  • Tangle guards
  • Optional wire baskets
  • Rotating turntables
  • Rod flippers
  • Uncoilers
  • Double turntables

Thanks to our extensive experience with custom equipment fabrication, we are able to meet nearly any requirement related to liner, medium, web width, speed, production capacity, etc. We enjoy the opportunity to solve the many engineering challenges associated with custom work and constantly seek new ways to use what we’ve learned.

It’s Easy to Work with West Engineering:

Contact us with your project requirements and specifications 

Speak with our engineers to determine if we’re a good fit

Receive a competitive quote with clearly-defined favorable timelines

Engage West Engineering and meet with your project manager 

Seamless Equipment Integration

At West Engineering, we know how critical turnkey machinery installation is to your operation. In order to do that, you need to work with a company that is dedicated to excellence beyond the doors of their shop. The problem is most equipment manufacturers follow the outdated practice of on-site millwright fitting for custom equipment.

We believe in engineering every aspect of custom equipment manufacturing down to the last exacting detail. We understand the frustration and unnecessary costs associated with poorly executed machinery, which is why our customers always enjoy a perfect fit and turnkey installation.

If you’re searching for an expert fiber optic equipment manufacturer that
guarantees quality beyond delivery, contact West Engineering today at