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Plastic Film Production Equipment Machining West Engineering has been providing precision machining services
to the Plastic Film Production industry for decades

When you partner with West Engineering, you get:


Get parts and services that guarantee performance


Receive prompt, adept service that keeps you running


Keep your equipment optimized to ensure productivity

Total Plastics Equipment Expertise

West Engineering serves a wide range of industries, from food and beverage to medical to chemical, providing machining and manufacturing services related to the following plastic film production equipment:

  • Draw lines
  • Filter housings
  • Slitters
  • Rewinders
  • Punch tooling
  • Perforation/cutting systems

Specific components include filter housings, tenter clips, slitter rolls, and breaker plates.

Our equipment experience spans the entire plastic materials production process, working with machines that mix, compound, mold, form, extrude, and recycle. We regularly service and repair all types of plastic film production machinery, from general packaging to high performance to particular applications.

It’s Easy to Work with West Engineering:

Call or email us with your individual project specifications 

Speak with one of our engineers to assess our capabilities

Review our proposed solution and price quote

Engage West Engineering and we’ll get started on production

Specialized Plastics Equipment Services

At West Engineering, we understand the challenges of operating a diverse range of production equipment. You need a knowledgeable, dedicated provider to help you keep everything running at peak performance. But few companies are genuinely interested in your long-term operational well-being and success, treating equipment repair as a reactive service.

We take a more holistic view of plastic film production equipment services. We work to learn your manufacturing environment and operational needs, prepare a longstanding plan to help you maintain uninterrupted production, and deliver the specialized services to make it happen.

If you’re searching for a company with a proven history of maintaining and optimizing plastic film production equipment for maximum performance and ROI, contact West Engineering today at