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Synthetic Fiber West Engineering provides turnkey custom synthetic fiber equipment

When you work with West Engineering,
you’ll enjoy:

  • Expert customization: We specialize in creating custom synthetic fiber equipment to your exact specifications.
  • Production-ready equipment: We handle all aspects of equipment fabrication and installation to ensure your implementation is simple and fast.
  • Expertise: We have been serving the synthetic fiber industry for years, and use this experience to push the boundaries of performance and capabilities.

Synthetic Fiber

West Engineering can handle all aspects of your synthetic fiber equipment needs, from design to material selection, production to testing, and installation to maintenance. We have experience with both Spinning and Drawing Lines working with a wide range of components, including:

  • Dow boxes
  • Heating jackets
  • Jacketed pipe
  • Pack parts
  • Sand packs
  • Pump blocks
  • Spin beams
  • Draw stands
  • Annealers
  • Immersion trays
  • Drying units
  • Spinning beams
  • Guide frame

Our equipment supports a number of typical manufacturing processes, including:


Our drylaid machines are used to produce soft, flexible, absorbent disposable materials. They are often deployed in food packaging, medical packaging, and personal care applications.


Our spunlaid machines create strong, flexible, shrink-resistance products. Thanks to their great reproducibility and reliability, they are critical for medical and hygiene applications.


Our wetlaid machines are used to create fibers with high tensile strength and temperature tolerance, but low weight-to-strength ratio. They are regularly employed to produce toilet tissues and glass and carbon fiber mats.


Our melt-blown machines are used to create products for HEPA filtration, breathable barriers, and related purposes. The related fibers allow for expansive design, operating flexibility, and high polymer pressure capability.

Melt Spinning

Our melt spinning machines are used to create products that are electrically conductive, flame-retardant or anti-bacterial. Typical applications include functional textile materials and high-performance composites.

The Drylaid, Wetlaid, Melt Spinning, Spunlaid, and Meltblown manufacturing processes are used to produce nylon, polyester, and olefins.

It’s Easy to Work with West Engineering:

Call or email us with your production needs

Work with our sales engineers to understand our approach

Receive a clear, comprehensive proposal with competitive pricing 

Sign the proposal and start working with your project manager

Smooth Equipment Installation

At West Engineering, we know the synthetic fiber industry well. You need reliable production equipment that fits seamlessly into your operations. The problem is too many equipment manufacturers are unable to deliver on this, leaving you to rely on expensive millwrights to get the fit right during installation. 

We believe a significant investment in custom technology should include seamless integration. That’s why we work with our customers to create effective production equipment that is truly turnkey.

If you’re searching for an experienced synthetic fiber equipment manufacturer, contact West Engineering today at