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Professional CAD/CAM Services West Engineering’s team of highly trained engineers delivers
industry-leading CAD/CAM services

West Engineering offers specific CAD/CAM Services that ensure:

  • Quality: Our engineers rely on years of experience and expertise to offer value and improve the quality of your project.
  • Timeliness: We adhere to an efficient production process and schedule to deliver some of the best on-time delivery rates in the industry.
  • Efficiency: We rely on specialized experience and planning tools to improve the entire process and minimize resource waste.

Experienced CAD/CAM Services

We have extensive applied experience with a number of CAD/CAM software packages:

  • For 2D Drawings, we use:
    – AUTODESK Mechanical including AutoCAD
  • For 3D Solid Modeling and Drawings, we use:
    – AUTODESK Inventor
    – PRO/ENGINEER Wildfire
  • For general machining, we use:
    CAMAX SmartCAM Advanced 3D CAM
  • For 2 ½- to 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining, we use:
    ESPRIT Solid Modeling CAM
  • For Finite Element Analysis and Dynamic Simulation, we use:
    AUTODESK Inventor Professional
  • For Cable and Harness Design, and Tube, Pipe and Flexible Hose Design, we use:
    AUTODESK Inventor Professional

In addition, West Engineering has developed our own in-house software for ASME and TUV Coded pressure vessel design calculations.

The Benefits of CAD/CAM Services

We use the above-mentioned software and related tools to make recommendations, select materials, define and plan operations, simulate performance, develop documentation, calculate costs, and simplify the overall pre-production process. There are several benefits of engaging a company with premier CAD/CAM services, including:

  • Material Waste Reductions: By analyzing the overall productivity of a proposed process and set up, we are able to reduce or eliminate mistakes and minimize material waste.
  • Productivity Improvements: By carefully planning tool paths, we are able to improve both quality and accuracy while improving the overall productivity.
  • Streamlined Capabilities: By automating tool path creation, we are able to simplify operations and ensure production deadlines are met.

It’s Easy to Work with West Engineering:

Call or email us with the requirements of your project

Work with one of our engineers to determine our capabilities

Review our capabilities and proposed solution

Engage us to provide CAD/CAM services for your project

Innovative, Detailed Engineering Services

At West Engineering, we know that you want to be able to source CAD/CAM services that will add value to your project. In order to do that, you need a firm that is experienced and focused on using that experience to improve and streamline your project. The problem is many firms are limited by their minimal experience and limited software options.

We believe we are only as valuable as the savings and improvements our experience and approach will allow. That’s why we employ a wide range of software tools and specialists and focus on using each new opportunity to apply and add to our experience.

If you’re searching for CAD/CAM Services that can deliver a century of experience
and make your project a success, contact West Engineering today at