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Custom Machinery Manufacturers

What they do, and the benefits of choosing custom equipment

Sometimes the usual machinery just doesn’t fulfill your manufacturing needs. This can be due to the material being difficult to handle and fabricate, or standard equipment not able to machine components to a certain size or tolerance. There are a myriad of reasons that one might need a customized or custom-built machine and that’s where custom machinery manufacturers come in. 

What Custom Machinery Manufacturers Do

Custom equipment manufacturers build the machinery that is customized to produce your products more efficiently than more traditional ‘off-the-shelf’ equipment. Sometimes they engineer tools to work with difficult or rare materials that aren’t often used, or find innovative ways to achieve even tighter tolerances and higher quality. They also ensure that the customer’s design and intellectual property are protected. 

Overall, they all do the same thing: find creative ways to build automation and manufacturing equipment that doesn’t currently exist. They will engineer, fabricate, wire, and test the machine, and many will even deliver and assist with integrating the new equipment into your facility. 

Not every custom machinery manufacturer has the same capabilities. Some offer build-to-print services, while others offer Design & Specification, where they will offer consultation on your original design. Some custom equipment builders also offer reverse engineering services as needed, modification services to your original equipment, as well as technical support and troubleshooting long after the original equipment has been installed into your facility. 

The Benefits of Custom Machinery

There are many benefits to getting custom equipment! The main one is an assurance of quality products that meet your manufacturing standards–the machines will be tailored specifically to your needs. There are other advantages as well, including:

  • Cost savings: While custom machinery is a big investment, it will save you on labor costs, production costs, and much more in the long run.
  • Increased Production Efficiency: Difficult tasks can be made simple with custom automation and quality equipment as the equipment is specifically designed to manufacture your products and provides higher throughput and quality than “off-the-shelf” systems
  • Protected Intellectual Property: Custom machinery manufacturers protect the proprietary designs of the equipment for the customer, ensuring that their rights to the intellectual property are safeguarded

Looking for a Custom Machinery Manufacturer

West Engineering has a long history of quality and success in engineering and building custom machinery manufacturing. We deliver the highest level of precision machining to ensure quality in every part and we are incredibly flexible, adapting to ever-changing production requirements with our wide range of capabilities. Contact Us today to learn more!