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Unique applications for custom industrial process equipment

Industrial processing equipment is vital in nearly every industry one could name. This machinery is essential for turning raw materials into finished components and usable products. From food processing to equipment manufacturing, electronics to construction materials, you can find the results of industrial processing equipment everywhere in our everyday lives. 

The importance of customization

Even products or components that are very similar can have unique characteristics that require a more specialized machine to manufacture. Standards and requirements vary between industries, even for very similar components. 

Customized equipment is also valuable for incredibly high-precision products and machining materials that would typically be more difficult to work with. Custom processing equipment can decrease production costs and time for even the most complicated products or components. 

Unique applications for processing equipment

While industrial processing equipment can be found in machine shops worldwide, there are a few more unique applications for this type of machinery. 

Fiber optic cables

Custom industrial processing equipment is incredibly valuable for processing and manufacturing fiber optic cables. Optical fiber is a flexible synthetic fiber made by shaping special glass or plastic into incredibly thin cables. These thin cables can transmit light between the two ends, allowing for more efficient communications at higher rates than electrical cables. Because of the various types, lengths, speeds, and other aspects of fiber optic cables that are needed across industries, customized process equipment is very valuable for fiber optics. 

Plastic Films

Plastic films can be found across various industries, such as food, beverages, medicine, and chemicals. As a result, an even wider range of plastic films must be processed and shaped. Whether the variations are size, shape, or type, having the flexibility that customized processing equipment can offer is essential. 


Manufacturing and processing materials used in electronics is often a delicate process. Having customized machinery can allow for more flexibility, as well as complexity, when creating components to be used in circuit boards, capacitors, conductors, and more. 


Many building materials used in businesses, homes and much more are often produced in factories and machine shops. These materials range from concrete to flooring to siding and many roofing materials. These products are initially processed from raw materials and then shaped to fit the requirements. 

Looking for a builder of custom industrial processing equipment?

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